The Coronavirus Plan

We miss our students and want to get back to teaching in person. But we need to do so in a safe way. So here is the plan...

  • Mixing Online and In-person classes

    For older students, where course content allows, students can at any time, for any number of their course lessons, chose to study their lesson remotely. Suitable courses include: Lua for Roblox, 3D, VR & Multiplayer Game Developer, Robotics, Arduino and Automation and Code Primer classes. Additionally, it is possible, for a Mini Coder to study remotely, but only as long as an adult is available to sit with and assist the student. Suitable classes are marked with the icon.

    Of course, you will need a PC, with a camera and internet connection. Some software installation may be necessary.

  • Reduced class sizes

    Our class sizes are small anyway to ensure everyone gets loads of attention, so its not a big step to reduce the size even more. Each class will consist of a 4-person learning pod. This will allow physical distance and reduce the number of people students meet.
  • Breaks between classes

    To reduce the number of people students come in contact with we are increasing the time between classes. We will finish on time and ask student to arrive on time.
  • Clean Class Room

    We will be airing out the classroom and cleaning the computers and mice between classes. And giving the classroom a good clean every day.
  • Sanitizer

    We have a giant jug of Sanitizer. We ask students to use a squirt of sanitizer before using the computer.
  • Temperature Checks

    We’ll be checking temperature with an Infrared Thermometer.
  • Masks Over 12

    Everyone over 12 is asked to wear a mask. Adults collecting students will be asked to wait outside in normal circumstances.
  • Payments will all be online.

    We have changed our system so classes will be paid at the time of booking. This will make it easier for us to reimburse you if were a forced to shut down.
  • In case of Shut down

    If we need shut down, we will continue with your classes online. Those that do not wish to continue with online classes will be reimbursed pro rata for any remaining classes.