Terms and Conditions

Booking & Fees

  • A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to book a place on any course. Unfortunately we cannot hold a place if a deposit has not been paid.
  • Weekly classes run on 4-week cycles. The full 4-week cycle must be paid at the beginning of the cycle on or before the first class of the cycle. Student leaving the class in the middle of a cycle would not be entitled to a refund.
  • In some circumstances, students may join a class in the middle of a cycle if places are available. Fees for that cycle would be adjusted accordingly.
  • Students continuing on to a subsequent cycle must notify us of their intent to continue at least 1 week before the new cycle begins. In the case that a student has not expressed his or her intention to continue we will make every effort to accommodate the student but cannot guarantee a place.
  •  Full payment is due before the first class of the 4 week term. If payment is not made by the date of the first class of the 4 week term your place cannot be held.


We use deposits as a way to gauge genuine interest plan accordingly. We also use your deposit to hold you place in a course. It is therefore not possible to offer a refund.

Non-attendance does not qualify a student for a refund, credit or transfer against fees paid. However in exceptional circumstances, if places are available in a comparable class in the same week as the missed class a student may be able to attend the alternative class. These make up classes are not guaranteed.

Taking a Break

If a student wishes to take a cycle off and continue on a later cycle, every effort will be made to accommodate the student. However, we cannot be certain a place will be found. If you wish to take a break for one or more 4 week terms, please let us know as early as possible. Assuming a place is available, you are welcome to rejoin the class. Although we cannot hold your place, we can offer priority re-admission if no place is available.

No discounts or refunds can be given for individual classes missed.


Inventors Club reserves the right to cancel any classes.  In the unlikely event of such an occurrence, Inventors Club will notify you as soon as possible and you will be eligible for a full refund of monies paid.

Emergency and Contact Information
In case of emergency:

  • Parents/guardians will be provided with the contact details so that you can be reached in the case of an emergency.
  • If your child becomes ill during the classes we will ask that you or a guardian be able to collect them.


Privacy Policy

Inventors Club will not share your information with third parties.  Parents/guardians should be aware that Inventors Club may use classes photography and quotes in social media, publications and/or marketing.  inventorsclub Club will request permission for the use of this photography prior to the commencement of classes.  Parents/guardians may refuse permission, in which case Inventors Club will endeavour to respect those wishes.  inventorsclub Club will at your request remove your contact information from our lists.
All booking information stored on our server is encrypted. And when displayed on the site is obfuscated to prevent its use or theft by unauthorized individuals.
Data on individuals who book but do not secure a place in a class is held only long enough to facilitate a smooth booking process. It is then deleted from our servers. You can correct any data errors by logging on to the student area.

All Participants of Inventors Club classes and his or her parents must agree to the following terms and conditions on behalf of participants:


Code of Behaviour

Inventors Club's behaviour is guide by the following tenants.

  • inventorsclub Club’s Mission is to introduce children to and foster a predilection for computer technologies.  In doing this we aim to stimulate a sense of achievement in our students. 
  • Students and teachers have the right to be treated with respect by all students and teachers.
  • All participating students have an equal right to learn and enjoy classes.
  •  All children should feel welcome and included.
  • No student may disrupt classes in a way that deprives another student of learning opportunities or the enjoyment of a lesson.
  • All students have the right to understand lessons. If a student does not understand the lesson, the teacher needs to re-explain the lesson in a way that is clearer.
  • Relevant Questions  are Good. Students should never be discouraged from asking questions relevant to the lesson.

We aim to create an environment where children are free to learn and express themselves without fear of bullying. If bullying should occure that an instructor does not see we ask that students bring the behaviour to our attention.  We will take immediate steps to rectify this.  We have firm rules in place and will act in regard to any child who is wilfully spoiling another participant’s time at classes.

Code of Behaviour

  • Participants must adhere to the classes rules established by Inventors Club to ensure an environment that fosters learning and is enjoyment for all participants.  These rules will be made clear to all participants.  Participants must follow the instructions of the staff in charge.
  • If problem behaviour is persistent or serious, Inventors Club will contact the parent or guardian to decide on further action. Inventors Club reserves the right to exclude any participant after classes commence, if his/her behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interests of Inventors Club classes, themselves, other participants, and/or the staff.
  • No refunds will be considered for any participants expelled for behavioural reasons.  In these circumstances, collection would be entirely the responsibility and at the expense of the parent / guardian of the participant, to whom any costs for damage and other expenses incurred would also be charged.
  • All Participants must sign a contract promising to abide by the following:
    • While in class I will use the computer only for class related activities.
    • While in class will only play games I or my fellow students created, unless as rarely happens my instructor suggest I play a game for the purpose of a lesson.   
    • I will never, not ever put down another student’s work or abilities.
    • I will speak respectfully to my fellow students and teachers as I expect them to speak to me.  
    • I will participate in all lessons.
    • I will use Inventors Club equipment with care.
    • I will Listen when someone is talking
    • Raise your hand when I want to speak


Failure to comply

  1. Failure to comply with the Inventors Club Terms and Conditions may result in a participant being asked to leave the classes.  In such a scenario, participants will not be eligible for any refund of monies paid.

Limits of responsibility

Inventors Club including its employees and agents, are not liable for any loss, delay, injury, or damage to person or property resulting from any cause beyond the control of the company. 



We do not restrict admission to the recommended age groups. However courses are designed to appeal to the children of the specified age. We strongly advise against placing you child in a class designed for a much older group as you child might become either frustrated or bored and might be turned off programming all together.


Inventors Club reserves the right to alter advertised courses at their discretion without prior notice to participants.

Physical requirements/Disclosure

All parent / guardian or other person acting in “loco parentis” must fully advise Inventors Club when booking, of all relevant medical, developmental or behavioural conditions that a participant currently has or has recently experienced, which might affect the participant or other participants during their time at Inventors Club classes.  Parents/guardians with will be asked to declare any conditions that may affect their child/participant’s ability to participate in classes / event activities. We will carefully consider matters and advise you whether we have the staff and facilities to provide appropriate support in classes in these circumstances, with particular reference to such considerations as access, successful participation and health and safety. Please ensure that you let us know of any medication that your child may use while at Inventors Club (e.g. an inhaler for asthma), and confirm that your child may need to use it.

Terms and Conditions may change without notice