Ripcoder Birthday Parties

At Ripcoder, we love parties and are happy to come to your party in the Dublin area.

Roblox Party

Our Roblox parties are cool, fun and (don't tell the kids - educational.) Your guests will learn to build and code a game in Roblox developer.

  • 1.5 hours for €175
  • Max 12 Kids
  • Most suitable for boys and girls 9 and above

Minecraft Party

Having a Minecraft Party? Step it up a Notch with Ripcoder Servers. Using specially modified servers set up on our laptops, boys and girls are able join each others’ world, write code and call functions that let them construct castles, forts & rainbows, teleport players, create and battle while riding Enderdragons and other Minecraft mobs and much more.

  • 1.5 hours for €175
  • Max 12 Kids
  • Most suitable for boys and girls 8 and above

Inventors Party

We bring the expertise and everything you need to build something awesome. We will help you select between crazy Robots, marshmallow shooters, motor powered cars, UFOs, hydraulic cranes, dynamo zombie light shooters, electric conductive & magnetic slime and more. Your young guests will each take their brilliant inventions home with them.

  • 2 hours for €195
  • Max 10 guests
  • Suitable for children 6 and above depending on the project.

Girl Power

This electronics workshop is geared towards girls. Although of course boys are very welcome. We build and program electronic jewelry or light boxes that flashes secret messages. Each child takes their creation home with them.

  • 2 hours for €195
  • Max 10 Kids
  • Suitable for kids 9 and above