• The new schedule for September is up now up. I am really excited about the new classes especially Pick-N-Mix that aims to give students the chance to see what technologies they like. It's a smorgasbord and they get to taste a little bit of everything. From game building, webpages, graphic art, JavaScript robot battles. Also very excited about Transition Year Projects. read more

    Our three courses for kids ages 7 to 10 are intended to foster a sense of achievement and confidence with computers. Mighty Web-Slinger is an ideal introduction to programming for this age as it enables kids to learn a spectrum of easy technologies such as html css and javascript. Scratch is like sneaking spinach into a bolognaise sauce. Kids drag blocks of code onto their workspace and build some pretty nifty games and other animation. It gives kids a great sense of coding without actually having to write code. It's good for kids but they don't realize. Pick-N-Mix Kids This class gives Ripcoder kids the chance to see what technologies they like. It's a smorgasbord and they get to taste a little bit of everything. They will use code to turn on lights. Build a game. They will make a webpage, use graphic design tools to do some pretty amazing art & Learn to do amazing animation. Everyday is a sweet surprise in Pick-N-Mix.read more
  • TWEENS AGES 10 TO 12

    We think that not only is minecraft one of the best games ever; we think Minecraft is also a super environment for learning coding. In Minecraft Mod Madness you will not only learn to install mods but write them as well. You will also learn to run your own server. In Wild Wild Web kids express their wild-side by building a fully functioning website that we will host live on our servers. read more

    Transition Year Projects Do you want to build apps? Develop websites, build an Arduino robot? The world is your oyster. You decide what to do and we guide you in the right direction. Pythonista of Code where you get down to writing serious code. Smart phones rock. Building your own App in Awesome App Developer classes totally totally totally rocks. In Computers Rule Motors we really turn on the power. Web Masters master the web learning html, css, javascript, php, bootstrap, jquery, mysql... read more
  • TINY-BUT-AWESOME Ages 5 to 7

    We bring playfulness to our lessons for kids from 5 to 7 in both Mini Programmer and Mini Graphic Artist. Our Artists are encouraged to explore graphic tools & use their imaginations to create wonderful masterpieces of hilarity. Mini Programmers use simple age-appropriate tools that enable them to intuitively understand the principles behind programming which we hope will build their confidence with computers and lover of programming. We best you will be pretty impressed with what you kids can do. read more

This Ain't Maths Class

Programming is play

We don’t run our Ripcoder club like maths Class.  Kids spend long enough in school. At Ripcoder Club, Programming is play. Kids are free to share ideas. Show each other their work, or work together on projects.  We strive to make our lessons  engaging. Although kids will learn loads, our lessons are designed to hide the fact that they are actually working. We believe that laughter is the best route to learning. read more

learning is fun

Who What & How

Ripcode Classes are small to ensure that every students gets the attention necessary for understanding.

Our students are taught by teachers who have both programming expertise and the ability to teach, to explain difficult concepts in a language that kids understand.  They are trained in our specially developed curriculum.  

Everything is Ready For You

Classes are taught on our machines specially configured with all the necessary programs, so students don’t have to waste time with downloading and setting up programs. This means teachers can focus on teaching code.  But if students want to work on their code at home they can access their work from our servers. Course notes are also available online to our students. read more

They Don't Call it Literacy for Nothing

Computer Literacy is a basic skill.

More and more education experts believe that coding should be seen as a core subject like Maths and English. We agree. Although we focus on the fun in our classes we take teaching your children seriously, because we believe strongly in the advantages of computer literacy for kids. We put a lot of effort in finding creative ways to explain core programming concepts in child-friendly ways. read more

Kid Focus

All About The Fun

It seems everyone, from President Obama to Mark Zucherberg says kids should learn to code. They say it will make them smarter, help them with Maths, it will teach them to think in a methodical way, it will help them get a good job when they are older, it will enable them to become drivers rather than passengers in the technical revolution. We say your kids should learn to code because it is really fun. RipCoder Club is all about the fun. Our curriculum is developed just for kids with the aim to spark excitement. Students make cool projects they can be proud of. We want our students a to be excited at what they are able to make, to thrill in their own  awesome ability. If they grow up to own a gazillion euro company, that it nice too.read more

Bring a Friend

Bring A friend

Everything is Better with Friends

May be you have a mate who wants to know what you do at Ripcoder Club. Or you have a friend over to hang out and oh look, it’s time to go to your Ripcoder class. You are welcome to bring your friend along. He or she will share your computer and see what an awesome whizz you are. Any friend can come up to 2 times for free.